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Memphis Jookin is a dance style from Memphis, TN.  It was originally called “Gangsta Walking”when it 1st started in the mid 80’s and remained underground throughout the 90-2000s. But round 2004 when a group of young Memphis dancers teamed with Young Jai of Jai Productions, the name “Memphis Jookin” was established and adopted by the world.

When “Gangsta Walking” 1st started, it was born from the street and clubs of Memphis as a very simple “walk with a bounce” to be done to the “gangsta rap” music that was being created by local producers, djs and rappers in Memphis. Over the years it has evolved from a simple walk/strut to a beautiful, elegant, art form that’s respected and taught worldwide on the same level as ballet.

Visually and fundamentally, Memphis Jookin is steps, tided together with slides, glides, toes spins and intricate footwork, all while in tennis shoes.

Jookin has no limitations and is done by all ages, races, and genders. In the present dance world, “Memphis Jookin” is the premiere dance style to know.  It has been used in some of the top performers choreography, in multiple NFL and NBA game celebrations, featured in the NBA 2K video game series for 4 years, featured in commercials from Apple, Versace, Jordan, Lexus, Stuart Weitzman, Vogue to EBay and studied all over the globe with Memphis Jookin members in Russia, China, Japan, Columbia, Africa and pretty much all territories globally.

This very unique style has grown and evolved through decades of an ever-changing hip hop world, so it’s safe to say it’s here to stay.  Please be on the lookout for our “Memphis Jookin’ world tour, please join our mailing list to always stay updated on new merch we have, live streaming events, tutorials and much more.

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