Lil Buck Featured In Stuart Weitzman Fall 2019 Campaign With Kendall Jenner

Lil Buck has risen to be one of the dance industry’s biggest disruptors. Known for his signature Memphis jookin dance style, he shot to fame in 2011, when a video of him dancing alongside Yo-Yo Ma’s classical cello performance went viral. In the years since, he has propelled Memphis jookin into the mainstream, and his raw yet elegant way of movement has led him to win the Wall Street Journal’s Innovator Award for Performing Arts in 2014 and dance on tour with Madonna multiple times. His latest act: Starring with Kendall Jenner in our Fall 2019 Campaign, SW Boot Camp, where he also made history debuting SW’s first-ever menswear design, the MCKENZEE MEN’S. Here, he reveals what drives him to continue to break boundaries and more.

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