Lil Buck Featured on BET Style

You’ve probably seen him before, but as with viral fame, it’s easier for people to identify someone as “that guy who…” instead of by name. Well, Lil Buck is “that guy who” can do insane things on pointe, in sneakers. Lil Buck first went viral for his unique brand of combining the gangsta-walking style of Memphis Jookin with ballet. A video of him dancing to an arrangement by classical cellist Yo-Yo Ma went viral in 2011.

Born Charles Riley, Lil Buck is earning his “Black Swan” label with a biographic documentary, set to premiere at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival in New York. The 85-minute film will chronicle his life story from street dancing in Tennessee to performing on stages around the globe with stars like Madonna and Janelle Monae. As one of the few global stars in the Jookin community, he wants people to learn about the roots of the dance style. 

“What inspired myself, Victor, Louis, and Jai to make the film was the Memphis Jookin Community. Everyone wonders how such a beautiful art form like Jookin [can] come from the streets of Memphis. We have this diamond in the rough [that] most of the world didn’t know existed. Until now.”

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