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Get lessons from industry leaders online or in-person. We offer tutorials, insight, detailed feedback, personal classes, mentoring, travel and event opportunities from leaders in Dance and Entertainment industries. Access exclusive content during the duration of your membership.

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The membership you choose will grant you access to digital courses that you can access at anytime as long as you have an active internet connection.

But this is more than an online course. With the VIP membership or better, you can attend local meetups, get invited to masterminds, access products at discounted rates and schedule a limited number of private 1 on 1 classes every year.

Instructor feedback and networking opportunities

It’s tough trying to build a career on your own as it is and dance is even more competitive. By signing up, you’ll become an exclusive member of a more collaborative and diversified network of talented entrepreneurs. No one succeeds alone.

We do our best to provide to our community the tools, connections and platforms necessary to make the transition from Talent to Trademark more streamlined and efficient. Inside you’ll find resources for branding, business and booking. And soon, we’ll host Members-only Accelerators to VIP’s to help jump-start and scale your personal brands with music, dance, fashion and event promotion.

Ryan Haskett - DJ, Instructor & Entertainer // Co-Founder


We’ve traveled all over the globe headlining events, training students and filming promotional materials with sponsorships, collaborations and contributions from major brands like Apple and Red Bull. Get access to content, products and events early with an Annual VIP membership!

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